False Confessions Of Ward And Fontenot

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False Confessions
The confessions of Ward and Fontenot to raping and murdering Denice Haraway are the most incriminating evidence against the pair. However, these are false confessions and do not prove anything, but would in fact prove that the pair know nothing about what happened to Denice. The events leading up to the confessions are the first indication that the confessions are false, and at the very least tainted. As previously stated, The OSBI administered a polygraph test to Ward to determine his involvement with Denice Haraway 's disappearance. The agent who administered the test, Rusty Featherstone, told Ward that he had failed the test Mayer, 1987, p. 54). This may have been true, and even if it was, it means nothing. If it was not true, then the police had made a false evidence ploy. That is when the police say they have evidence against a suspect in an attempt to get the suspect to confess. If a person has truly committed the crime, they are likely to confess, but if the suspect is innocent, he would just become confused as to how the police have evidence for a crime he did not commit. To elicit a confession, police would continue to insist that they have evidence, until the suspect begins to doubt himself, and perhaps eventually confess. The persistence of the police, in conjunction with a lengthy interrogation would wear down the suspect. Ward 's interrogation went on for five hours before he was ready to confess Mayer, 1987, p. 56).
The questioning was also…

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