False Doctrine And Its Effect On The Church

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When one reads through the New Testament it is easily seen that false doctrine was a prevalent problem in the first century. There are several instances where brethren were warned about it infiltrating the church. Sadly, this dilemma still exists today and we are to be equally concerned with it. One of the false doctrines that came about in the second century is known as premillennialism. It went away for a period of time but was revived and now has a great following (Eschatology-Robert Stapleton). The importance of understanding premillennialism cannot be underestimated by the church. Jude 3 states that the church is to "contend earnestly for the faith." This means that the church must take premillennialism seriously. The church must understand what premillennialists believe and why it is false in it 's teachings. This paper will briefly examine premillennialism to give the reader a better understanding of what is it and why it is wrong. What is premillennialism? Foy E. Wallace 's definition of premillennialism is "Pre means before, millennial means 1,000, ism means there isn 't anything to it anyhow." According to the Valley church of Christ, premillennialism is "The belief that the kingdom of God involves a literal millennial reign of Christ upon earth. Then follows the Final Judgment." There are several different beliefs within this false doctrine. However, the major belief or division within premillenialism is known as dispensational premillennialism.
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