False Statistical Data Analysis

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Statistics are an important part of every day life and can be used throughout many different activities. Many statistics, however, are altered and can be deceptive at first glance. One example of this includes the claim that women make less money than men. When analyzing statistics of a set of data, one must take into account sample size and other parameters. In this particular example, it may be true that the mean of women's income is large in a sample of ten participants. However, the mean of men's income may be smaller because a larger sample was taken. Many companies use false statistical data to advertise their product. This claim may be substantiated for a small sample, but not for a whole population. In addition, statistics provide credibility for your evidence or argument. The audience of this article is any person who watches television, reads magazines, or views any form of media.…show more content…
This interests me because it shows how companies use deception to sell a product. Furthermore, I was captivated by the concept of not blinding accepting findings, but instead thinking about the processes, sources, and numbers that prove the concept. This type of thinking is critical in solving problems and generating innovative solutions. In the future, I will use this method of asking questions and using evidence to back up my claims. I found it most difficult to understand the idea of how diverse the usage of statistics in an average day. The idea that probability and other statistical concepts exist in our world through real-life examples fascinates me. This created unrest in me because it is easy to fall into the trap of simply believing what one sees at first glance. This way of thinking could create problematic
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