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False allegations of sexual attack

Why make false allegations of sexual attack happen? Hearing of false sexual allegations is sad to hear. Whenever somebody hears any sexual attack that had been taken in place in time makes anybody feel heavy-hearted. People can only imagine what the victim and the victim's family is going through. At what age can this happen? “males or females of any age, race, social class, appearance or sexual orientation.” Most likely from age twelve or older are rape or sexual assault each year. The time of year this mostly occurs is in the summer. There is an average of 293,066 victims each year. In light of, even when someone here, that the alleged sexual attacker was falsely accused just makes anyone feel melancholy. False allegations can follow you all your life, accusing someone of an attack can make them go into a depression, and allegations can prevent people from getting a job.
First, false allegations can follow you all your life. When you are falsely accused of something so big any allegations can stick with you forever. Whether you did or did not sexual attack someone that will stay on your record. Why do false allegations follow you all your life? Even though, when this is a false allegation people can still have doubts about hiring someone with
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People can also think of suicide. When this situation happens to someone, they can be in a depression because they might want to lock themselves in their house for them not to be seen by the outside world. Who is James Robinson? James Robinson was a forty seven year old man and working at an elementary school in Austin, Texas. He was falsely accused of sexually assaulting a woman. When James Robinson was officially put under investigation, within six months, he had all kinds of emotions running through his body. Mainly in fear and anger. James also withdrew himself from his social
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