Fame And Power Of The United States

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Fame and power are of big importance in the United States. Many people have great respect and admiration for powerful and well-known people. Jason Collins, a former NBA player, recently came out with the knew of being homosexual. Many people viewed his act of stating his sexualitiy publically as brave and heroic. Meanwhile, other people in the country who aren 't nationally known aren 't shown any respect or praise for their homosexuality. Infact some are even treated with disrespect. The point of this article is to show how fame can change how society can view two people who are the same in very different ways. This article shows how fame is respected, and average joes are looked over. This cartoon has a few examples of symbolism. One of these examples being that the word “gay” is in red. This symbolizes how being homosexual is an intense topic in the United States. Much time is spent debating homosexuality in America. Another use of symbolism is the size difference between Jason Collins and the barista. Collins is viewed as so much bigger which shows that he is more inferior than the small barista. Exaggeration is also used in this cartoon. The many bubbles with “hero” in them exaggerates the actual heroism of admitting one 's sexuality. This cartoon makes homosexuality look like a great heroic act. Another exaggeration in the cartoon is the size of Jason Collins. By making Collins big, he is viewed as important and special. Labeling is also used in this cartoon.…
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