Fame Isn't Everything

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Fame Isn’t Everything Chloe McGlaun Galveston College Fame Isn’t Everything Kurt Cobain was born in Aberdeen, Washington on February 20, 1967. When Cobain turned eight, his childhood was no longer filled with happiness due to his parents divorce. After receiving a guitar for his fourteenth birthday, Cobain found an outlet for his emotions. In 1987, Cobain and his friends formed a band, which became known as Nirvana. Two years later, they came out with their first album called Bleach. During Nirvana’s first European tour, Cobain experienced his first mental breakdown while performing, not long after he began using heroine. Courtney Love, a singer in the punk-rock band Hole, and Cobain began having relations. After Love…show more content…
Cobain’s first suicidal attempt in 1992 was thought to be a mistake, until his three page suicide note was found (Kurt Donald Cobain, 2014). He also spoke of having “suicidal genes” due to the fact that two men in his family committed suicide when Cobain was a child (Freeman, 2012). Although Cobain didn’t necessarily have five of the nine symptoms to diagnose him with Major Depressive Disorder, it is not hard to see that he was a very depressed soul (Kurt Cobain and his battle with Mental Illness, 2014). Many factors play a part in his depression many that began at the age of seven. Tragically, Cobain was not able to overcome his mental illnesses and live on to complete his legacy. I believe that Cobain had been suicidal from the time he was a young boy. His childhood pushed him into his depression at such a young age and only worsened as time went on. Although, Cobain was an extremely gifted human being, who brought himself so much fame, it was not enough for him to feel the need to keep living. He was a very sensitive man, who felt emotion so deeply that the slightest negative thing could send him over the edge. Cobain stated in his suicide note “There’s good in all

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