Familia Feliz Research Paper

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Feb 13 2017, adrenaline surged though my body as the thought of mission trip raced through my mind. “What is it going to be like? Who am I going to meet? How am I going to talk to the kids when I don’t even know how to speak Spanish!.”All these thoughts and more kept turning in my mind as the anticipation of our first flight drew nearer and nearer. “Bolivia”, just the name had a rustic feeling to it. In a quick 32 hours, we would reach our final destination for the next two weeks… Familia Feliz. Familia Feliz is a small orphanage located in the heart of the Bolivian jungle where children from troubled homes are offered a safe haven and schooling. It was at this place that I would learn a very important lesson. One that would stick with me for the rest of my life.…show more content…
Your “Faith Bar” is at an all time high and many good memories surge through your mind that you will treasure forever. While on mission trip, many trials will come your way, some of which seem to be impossible for you to overcome! And frankly, they are impossible for you to overcome, but nothing is too big for God! All you must do is ask for His all knowing guidance and He will help you get through. He will answer your prayers! Just one day before we embarked on our long journey, one of our translators had his car broken into and in the process, had his passport stolen! After much prayer and by the grace of God, he had a passport reissued to him by the next day (something that almost never happens!) If you are ever looking for a fun safe and overall just an amazing trip, take a leap of faith and go on a mission trip! It doesn't have to be a full-time life dedicated mission, it can just be for a couple of weeks. God can use you where ever you are, all you have to do is listen for his voice and say “Hear I am Lord, send
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