Families Facing Domestic Violence Attributed By Mental Illnesses

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Families facing Domestic Violence attributed by Mental illnesses has become a serious epidemic that clinicians often overlook when analyzing their patients, however, research is suggesting that again DV can be attributed to factors that cause separation within the home. Families that are subjected to abuse by a figurehead in their home can sometimes view life from a skewed perspective. When Mental illness is involved the emotions created within the home can be unpredictable and feelings of uncertainty are high. Children that are subjected to this home environment may exhibit feelings of anger, anxiety and begin to have onset symptoms of depression. Children who witness domestic violence in the home at a young age may exhibit fear which later turns into resentment and anger. For instance a young male child who witnesses his father physically abusing his mother will feel helpless, sad and become emotionally disturbed. As he grows older and domestic violence is still prevalent he may transfer his anger to the mother for allowing the situation to continue. In some African American families children are taught to never say anything and what happens within their family unit must stay within the home. Due to children being subjected to keep the family secret, these children grow up angry and even in some instances blame themselves for keeping the secret thinking if they had said something maybe their lives wouldn’t be in chaos. They eventually learn to cope with the abuse by

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