Families Find Hope in Their Communities Essay

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Society dictates acceptable behavior. For many years society viewed family matters as being private and not open for public discussion. Therefore society failed to recognize the evil that alcoholism bestowed upon families and the community. As more and more catastrophic events began to appear in communities, which involved alcohol, society began to recognize the negative effects and the seriousness of alcoholism in families and the impact felt by the community. In 1935, through the efforts of Bill W., a New York stockbroker, and Dr. Bob, An Akron Ohio Surgeon, a fellowship group evolved that eventually became known as Alcoholics Anonymous (Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc., 2012). Through awareness communities began to embrace…show more content…
Bill W. and Dr. Bob began working with alcoholics at Akron’s City hospital. A second group of Alcoholics emerged in the fall of 1935 in New York. In 1939 another group also evolved in Cleveland Ohio. After four years, these three groups generated 100 alcoholics who successfully gained and maintained sobriety. Awareness is the key to many successful programs.
As alcoholics began to gain their sobriety through these new found fellowships, a series of articles appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Cleveland’s group quickly went from 20 memberships to 500 memberships. Meanwhile in New York Dr. Bob and Bill W. organized a board of trustees which became known as The Alcoholic Foundation (Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc., 2012).
As The Alcoholic Foundation board began efforts to raise money for the fellowship, one board member, John Rockefeller Jr., quickly realized that raising money from outside sources may lead to the diversion of their mission. Rockefeller believed the group needed to remain in its infancy form to maintain their mission. Therefore from the beginning Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship has been strictly funded by the members along with the fellowships published books and literature. In 1939 Bill W., along with alcoholics who gained sobriety, and a few professionals who remained dedicated in helping alcoholics, wrote the first book to aid all the fellowships to

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