Families during World War II

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Families During World War II The entry of the United States into the Second World War dramatically altered the traditional role of the family in American society. First and foremost, the economic conditions, which were dramatically improving because of the war, became suitable for a large number of couples to get married. But the war also changed the interaction between members of the family and traditional parental roles. Housing shortages led to discrimination against some families, juvenile delinquency rose, but the increase in economic resources led to improved health and increased savings. Overall the war affect on the American family was both positive and negative and altered it ways that were unforeseen. War has been demonstrated to cause an increase in marriages, but it also leads to an increase in divorces, and the Second World War was no different. Those going off to war often married hastily, and later were forced to divorce. And those who stayed at home, beside being relatively unaffected by the war, accumulated enough economic resources to get married and start a new households. However, the increase in new households was not matched by an increase in new housing construction, leading to severe housing shortages and many instances of discrimination against families with children as well as racial minorities. The increased economic situation was due to the increase demand for wartime production, and although there was more money to go around, there were
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