Families in Poverty

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Currently I am learning about families in poverty. In the first week of my class I learned that over 15% of the United States population is living in poverty (Bumpus). The United States has one of the highest poverty rates for being a developed country. Poverty can affect a family in so many ways for example financial stress, health problems, behavioral issues, and poor schooling or education. One of my main focuses is the poor schooling and education. I am currently an Elementary Education major at Washington State University. Becoming a teacher I know that I personally will have students who are living in poverty. There should be a good understanding of what a child goes through under those conditions. There are many factors from living in poverty that contribute to a child’s academic achievement in school, instead of having the poverty rate rise there should be a solution to minimize the rate of poverty. Over More than 16 million children in the United States live with families with incomes that are below the poverty level (NCCP). That is about 20% of the children who are living in poverty. In many classrooms teachers have witnessed the children living in poverty acting differently than the children who are living above the poverty threshold. These children do not choose to live in poverty; it is based off of their living situation. There are certain risk factors that children in poverty have to deal with because of living in poverty. According to the ASCD, who
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