Families in the 1960’s and Today

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Families in the 1960’s and Today Kiana Joyner American Intercontinental University Abstract This paper will discuss the differences between families from the 1960’s and the families of today. There are many differences between the different times. I have focused on the parentage portion of the families. I explained what the ideal family is and how it is different today. I’ve also included ways that will help these families of today become stronger as a family. Families in the 1960’s and Today There is quite a big difference in families from the 1960’s, and the families of today. Many of the changes from back in 1960 have to do with the parents and keeping family together. These differences have changed since then and will…show more content…
With the divorces being so high, the children are usually left in the custody of the mothers. The mother would then have to work full time in the work force, and as a parent. A lot of couples don’t realize how strong the value of family has on the children. The children pay attention to what happens with their parents and that’s what some children grow up being like at times. With parents divorcing more these days the family bond continues to decrease. Without family bonds, it leads to a broken family. Modern families today have parents who are extremely busy. Therefore there is often times where there is no time spent as a family. In spite of all of this there are ways to help strengthen weak families. The first way is to find time to spend more time together. You can plan family game nights, family outings, even family movie nights. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Creating a family constitution is another way. It will help balance the family by adding certainty, and organization to the family. Lastly, families often don’t listen to each other, so taking the time out to just listen to what each other has to say will strengthen the bond in the family (3 Simple Ways to Strengthen your Family Relationships, 2012). Reference 3 Simple Ways to Strengthen your Family Relationships (2012). Retrieved from http://www.yourfamilyconstitution.com/family-relationships/strengthen-family-relationships/ Mercadante, Adam (2009). Changes
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