Family Analysis : Family Assessment Essay

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Family Assessment
In social work, families are vital for understanding clients as they interact with one another and realize how the dynamics of the family are affecting one another. The explanation of these behaviors can set the stage for what the social worker will be addressing and helping with. In using the systems perspective, you can see how all areas of life effect one another. Families then, in regards especially to my own, get integrated in a variety of ways.
Demographic Information
My immediate family consists of myself, my Mother, Father, and younger Brother. We appear to be Caucasian, the ethnicity of my family has never been one of great importance. There have been few conversations about the ethnic background of our family. The value in this knowledge would appear to be minute. If I was asked what my ethnicity is I would give a wishy washy answer and perhaps some Dutch, German, Swedish, but it is never talked about in my family. Yet, in other families they take great pride in their ethnicity and is a key part of what bonds them together as a family unit. Their ethnicity is more intertwined with their culture, along with societal views than European families. All the same, my parents are somewhat older than the norm. My Mother is fifty five and my dad is Fifty three. They had my brother and me in their mid-thirties or so, though becoming more common now, was not typical for their time. However, instead of having older parents that do…

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