Essay on Family Analysis Project

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Family Analysis Project
I selected the family of A.G which is based on personal acquaintance for this project. I will complete a comprehensive analysis using the criteria that I will be describing in details in the proceeding paragraphs. These criteria includes description of the nuclear family form, sociocultural data, genogram and Ecomap, environment, communication, power structure, role structure, values, spiritual activities, socialization, adaptation and healthcare. Once assessment is complete, the nursing care plan will be utilized and interventions can be addressed.
Description of Nuclear Family
` The family is made up of three members, a mother and her two sons. A.G and her husband are currently seeking a
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Although A.G is a good communicator, her boys tends to be distracted most of the time when they are texting their friends or playing video games. Communication between A.G and her ex-husband is poor.

Power structure

Hierarchy - A.G is a single parent and therefore, she is the head of the household. She makes all of the decisions in the home. She pays all of the bills and decides how money is spent. She and her two sons always work together in taking care of the household chores. A.G sometimes discusses issues concerning the children with their father, but this leads to disagreements and power struggle most of the time. Power Bases- reward is used as a power base in the household. Angie frequently uses word of praises to motivate her children whenever her children complete their household chores and homework in a timely manner.
Coalition - there is parent child coalition and this has helped they to maintain a healthy family environment. A.G and her two sons always work together in taking care of household chores.

Role structure

Formal roles are set up in such a way that every member of the family recognizes their duties and responsibilities in the home. Informal role takes place when the mother is not available. Spiritual activities - the family values their religion as a catholic. It is expected that the children attend church services with their mother every
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