Family And Child Development : Toddler Observation Study Essay

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NURS 5550: Family and Child Development Toddler Observation Study Tonya Escobar Saint Louis University, School of Nursing Fall 2016 Subjects Pseudonym: Sammy Age: 3 years 1 month Date: 10-22-2016 Time of Day: 1030 The Setting This observation took place in a Christian church social group for children. The room was brightly decorated in fall colors with paper mache trees on walls and leaves hanging from the ceiling. The extra-large room was divided into three areas. First a singing area surrounded by little peoples chairs and adult chairs behind the little ones. Second area was several short child tables and chairs for crafts. The last area had a felt board with a rug on the floor close to the felt board for telling Bible stories. The sun was bright and lighted up the room so all the colors seemed to be dancing around the room. There were 6 kids in the group in that day. Sammy was right in the middle for age and height of the other children. Two teachers and three adults were in the room including the observer. The program usually last about 45 minutes but this observation was for ten minutes. The subject of the observation is a 3 year old boy, Sammy’s blond crew haircut and blue eyes were very striking and endearing with his big grin full of teeth. He wore a button down yellow long sleep shirt with a pair of blue pants. He was well-nourished and very
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