Family And Community Assessment : Family Systems Theory Essay

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Family and Community Assessment
The Bowen family systems theory can utilize to understand the Gillison’s family dynamics. According to the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family (2016) the Bowen family system theory views family as an emotional unit that utilizes systems thinking to comprehend the complexity of the interactions within the unit. The theory describes families as having a major influence on their member’s thoughts, feelings and actions, which leads them to feel as if they are composed of the same “emotional skin”. The members of families, according to this theory, are driven by each other’s attention, approval, and support. The members therefore, react to each other’s expectations and wants and needs. The family is therefore interdependent. One change in one member’s function leads to a change in the functioning of the others. This is evidence in the case of the Gillison family. The Gillison family has dealt with many emotional situations. Both Meshia and her partner Tahir have lost a parent, which has been very emotionally straining on their lives. Meshia was very close to her father. When he was diagnosed with end stage lung cancer and she had to witness him go through hospice treatment and care it took a toll on her. After her father’s death her mother and sister decided to move down south due to the new financial strains of being without her father’s income. Meshia decided to stay in Connecticut because she thought it would be best to raise her…
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