Family And Consumer Sciences Education Essay

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Family and Consumer Sciences Education has tremendously evolved since its beginning roots with Ellen Swallow Richards. FCS has obtained a new role within public schools and the community, far different than it was before. What was previously seen as the classes for "women" is now a requirement for high school graduation plans. The positive societal views of Family and Consumer Sciences is increasing the development as well as furthering the program. The following analyzes and examines the Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum that is currently being implemented in Texas public schools. The role of Family and Consumer Sciences in public school is reflected through multiple social trends and influences. One of the most dominant and interdependent trends is digital technology. The world of technology has immensely transformed over the past ten years. These modifications have revolutionized the way a teacher educates as well as the way a student learns. Sewing machines, for instance, have been significantly modified. Machines now have a mind of their own as they can individually function off of the press of a button. This technological advancement will play a role in how a teacher, who was once taught on a basic machine, instructs. Digital technology 's role in FCS can be clearly depicted through any course of study. As digital technology continues to evolve, so will the Family and Consumer Sciences courses and the methods of teaching/ learning. FCS also engages in the role
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