Family And Cultural Assessment Paper

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Family/Cultural Assessment Paper The Purnell Domains of Culture assessment gives a vast amount of information in regards to a persons cultural background, family and heritage that gives care provides a better understanding of their client or clients family. As a future care provider, I took the time to speak to Mrs. Smith about herself and family to gain insight on whom they are as a family and what influences them to be who they are today. Over the course of the domains of culture I have been able to increase my perception of who and what drives this family and how their beliefs came about.
Assessment of the Purnell Domains of Culture
Overview of Family and Family Structure and Cultural Heritage When speaking to the Mrs. Smith about family and family structure I mainly focused on the concepts of where they live and the effects it has on their family. This involves their country, current residence, topology, economics, politics, education and occupation (NASN, 2013). Such topics give an inside look in regards to certain diseases and health factors that are more prominent to or more acceptable to the population in that region and area of residence. As well as this, these concepts allow the more in depth in understanding of diet, mental diseases, economic standing, and the families degree of assimilation or acculturation if there is any. I asked Mrs. Smith where she was born and if she and her family have lived anywhere else. Her family is originally from Poland and

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