Family And Education : A System Of Behavioral And Relationship

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Social institutions can be defined as “a system of behavioral and relationship patterns…they order and structure the behavior of individuals by means of their normative character. ” These social institutions shape the understanding and, sometimes, personalities of the various people in society. Two of the major social institutions are the family, and education. Before reading the chapters on these two institutions, I did not realize how big of an effect each of them actually plays on the lives of everyone, including myself. These institutions not only have an effect on the outcome of the lives of people in society but they also have major effects on the gender differences and inequalities evident in our culture. Family and education are …show more content…

These mantras were ingrained in me since I can remember and I will pass them down to my children. These mantras also show how different society has changed from older generations. As a black female, some of the mantras my grandmothers were taught were to remain respectful at all times, find a good husband to support you, and it’s okay not to finish college (let alone go to college if that was even an option). Depending on how you grow up affect how you present yourself and what you believe should happen in society. If females were still being taught not to worry about school and remain focused on childbearing then the culture we live in would be completely different today and the equality women are fighting for and have gained so far would be unobtainable compared to the amount of gender equality that would be evident.
Another major social institution is the educational system. The most shocking part about the educational system as a social institution is how much gender inequality goes completely unnoticed by the common spectator. The most eye-opening explanation for me was in Chapter 7, “The gendering process begins the moment we enter school…we often find the heavy blocks, trucks, airplanes, and carpentry tools in one area and the dolls and homemaking equipment in another area…although they may be officially open to anyone for play, the areas are often sex-segregated by invisible but real boundaries. ” The thought of this really amazed me

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