Family And Family Arrangements And Values

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From There to Here
Family Is
The Definition of family, is relative, no pun intended. It depends on your background and experiences. Family can be friends or blood relatives, it can mean many different things to everyone. But most importantly I think it means support, you should consider to be a part of your family anyone who supports the decisions that you make, and doesn’t judge you for them. This can include friends, and family. It’s important to decide for yourself what matters most to you, and to no longer rely on the outdated ideas of the past. Stephanie Coontz (2010) said “Family arrangements and values continue to differ by social class, religion, race, and ethnicity.” (p. 46)
A Little Background
I grew up poor but not destitute in rural East Texas. My father was the 3rd youngest in a family of eleven kids, my grandfather, Neal McDaniel was a cotton farmer, not long after my father was born in 1958 he quit farming and my grandma Thelma McDaniel went to work at a lumber factory. My father’s family was poor. However, my grandpa was able to purchase enough land to give each of his kids something to call their own, this is where I lived the first eighteen years of my life in a house that my father built. I am an only child. My father worked a laborious job as a roofer, for most of his life, while nursing a pretty mean alcohol and drug addiction. He no longer works, and is in worsening health but still has his vices. My mother grew up in Houston, a city girl,she had two
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