Family And Family Values

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I. Introduction:
Family is the most basic component of human society. It is the reflection of the ethical values for the whole world, its cultural characteristics and the unique features of it. People start to learn everything about their culture and the world through their family members who raised them up. So, the rules of family and their belief or values don’t come in vain. What you think, your behavior, or even your language, comes from the culture background you surrounded and conveyed through your parents, this culture which comes from our ancestors and delivered from elders to next generation is named as family values. Therefore, the harmony of family will affect all aspects of society. Since the reform and opening up, the opening
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Definitions of Family and Family Values 2.1 Definition of Family
First of all we need to figure out the definition of family. A book once stated, a society unit including father, mother and children is a true family. Family is a combination of individual and society, its fundamental function is to meet the needs of body, mentality and others coming from family members, so that it can promote the development of a society. This definition may already changed with time passed by, but it would explains that the disability of the family can have a huge negative impact on a person's growth
2.2 Definition of Family Values
Family values are the core of individual and even national cultural values, It has a great influence on people's thought and behavior. Therefore, if we want to start a comparative research between the culture of two countries, It’s necessary to understand their different family values. In the following words, we would analyze family values from different aspects, including the relationship between the parents and their children and the husband and the wife, also the concept of the marriage and family education. By comparison, we concluded that religious belief and different ethnic groups have their own family values due to their differences in geography and historical

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