Family And Gender Violence : Women And Girls

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QUESTIONS: What are some of the reasons that have caused women to be undermined in our society and how have women been able to fight for their rights? What are some of the women and girls ' violence and sexual maltreatment and how have they been fighting against that?
Women from the medieval ages were denied from so many opportunities and their voices were not being considered in a society.They were not allowed to hold any position and either were they
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Women and Religion in Medieval and Renaissance Italy. Chicago: U of Chicago, 1996. Print. Sociologically, the only way women and girls were able to liberate themselves from that oppression was through the feminist movement Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes; also, the social movements organized around that belief. FERRIS, KERRY. THE REAL WORLD. Ed. JILL STEIN. 4th ed. N.p.: W.W. Norton, 2011. N. p. Print.

The notion of women not being recognized in a society has affected the life of many which have caused women not to be able to come out freely in society. Critics from ages have designed that women in their own capacity cannot function in anything, hence denied them from so many opportunities which really caused them to be backward in a lot of things in order for them to be able to fight for their rights there was the need for them to set up a movement which we termed as feminism. This movement resulted in three waves which are : The First Wave is the earliest period of feminist activism in the United States, including the period from the mid-nineteenth century until American women won the right to vote in 1920 . The Second Wave was the
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