Family And Social Environmental Factors Associated With Aggression Among Chinese Adolescents

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Article 1: Family and Social Environmental Factors Associated with Aggression Among Chinese Adolescents (Chunxia Dou, Zhen Wei, Ke Jin, He Wang, Xiulan Wang, Ziwen Pen; American Psychological Association: School Psychology Quarterly, 2014)

1) The authors based their research on the assumption that familial and social environments have an impact on aggression. However, the actual, and possibly definite, risks pertaining to these environments were still unknown. The authors didn’t really have a hypothesis but they were trying to look for potential family-related and social environmental factors that may play a role in aggression, specifically for Chinese adolescents. Also, they wanted to know if there were any relationships between the factors have an indirect or direct impact on aggression.
2) The researchers already knew that certain personal and social factors played roles in relation to aggression. Also, they knew that aggression is seen more in males than in females, as well as being more prominent in older adolescents. Specifically for Chinese adolescents, it was already known that there was high educational pressure that contributed to stress and eventually could lead to aggression. This brings culture and race into consideration for this study since the focus was Chinese adolescents. Also, they researchers didn’t know much about the impact of the possible relationships between the factors that could lead to aggressive behavior, which is part of what
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