Family Archetype : Infant Photograph

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Family Archetype: Infant photograph (Nayarit, Mexico: 1992)
My family archetype research was based on a photograph of myself at about three-four months of age. The photograph was taken in my family’s home state of Nayarit, Mexico. I decided I wanted to do my research project on this particular photo because it is the only baby photograph I have of myself. It is very important to me since I have no others pictures to look back at. I was about three-four months in this photograph according to my mother, and my uncle Emiliano took the photo. The photo was shot on a late May or June weekend in 1992 during a family friends baptism, while my grandmother was still alive, and my father still lived in Mexico (Robles). The photo itself has raised so many questions that I have been wanting to ask over the years, just never found the right time to do so until now. I have always wondered what I was doing in Mexico as a recent newborn, and the story behind the picture. All I ever knew about this photograph is that it is an approximate 4”x 6” photo taken in Mexico, not of great pixel quality, I was in my mother’s arms, and I am wearing a Mickey Mouse outfit in someone’s ranch. After interviewing my mother, Olivia Robles, and father Valentine Chavez, I discovered all the background information I’ve been longing for, and more. My mother told me the reason I was in Mexico a few months after being born is because my father wanted to meet me.

My father lived in Nayarit and met my mom a

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