Family As A Site Of Belonging And Contestation

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Family as a Site of Belonging and Contestation
A family is something that comforts and includes others. It is an environment where people can feel like they belong. Although in societies eyes the family is much more. We depict who is fit enough to support a family and question if the family is functioning properly. In both articles, Homeplace: A site of Resistance by Bell Hooks and “Family” as a Site of Contestation: Queering the Normal or Normalizing the Queer? By Michelle K. Owen, both authors have distinct understandings of the concept of family and question the societal norm of how a family should behave. Family is a site of belonging and contestation. Both authors describe that there are many forms of family that contrast the typical nuclear model family. Also it is demonstrated that families supply a place of belonging and nourishment. Although society has placed values on families, distinguishing what families are most fit and functioning. Using an intersectional lens it is demonstrated in these two articles that many families reject the nuclear family model, and families are given a value and are placed within a social hierarchy. Throughout history the predominant family has been the nuclear family, consisting of a white father, mother, and two children. In the article “Family” As A Site of Contestation, Owen explains that lesbians have endured a great amount of controversy when being observed as a family. “Lesbians challenge the concept of “family” by having and
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