Family As Being Descendants Of The Same Ancestors

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Family is understood as being descendants of the same ancestors. Family is understood as being born into or adopted into. Family helps to mold a person into adulthood. Family helps a person to know where they come from. I was taught that family is everything and that family are your biggest supporters. Family teaches a child the facts of life while keeping the family’s traditions alive. Although people have many different definitions of what family is and what it should be, the focus of this paper will be my maternal side of the family. My family is similar to many of other families but the love we share for one another bonds us closer than anything else. My entire family began in the great city of Coy, Alabama. My mother’s name is…show more content…
My great-great grandfather, Eddie, family moved from Black Bluff to Coy while my great grandmother’s family moved Hybart to Coy.
My grandfather, Tom Farrish Moye, was born to Eli (Soda) Moye and Mary Eliza Young-Moye. Eli (Soda) Moye was born to Lindsey and Emma Moye. Within their union, seven children were born and their names are Eli, Lindsey Jr., Henry, Lupin, Emma Lee, Ensley, and Andrew. My great grandmother, Mary Eliza Young, was born to Zack and Estella Young. In this union, three children and their children’s names are Mary Eliza, Curtis and Zack Jr.. To Eli and Mary Eliza’s union, eleven children were born. Their names are Lindsey Curtis, Frank, Tom Farrish, Elvira, Arthur, Mary, Emma, Estella and Eli.
Johnny and Randy passed as babies. Johnny passed after being pulled in the wagon by older siblings. They never realized that they were bumping his head in the wagon the entire time, but they wanted everyone to see their baby brother. My grandmother could not remember what happened to Randy. They did not live on the Farrish’s property as my grandmother’s family did, but they all were close.
My grandmother stressed that family was a big part of life. She shared stories about how the community was considered to be family as well. She discussed how on Sundays, the family would rotate houses to have Sunday dinner at. She discussed how the community helped to mold many children. Both families were respected, even with the whites in the county. In our
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