Family Assessment Assignment

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Family Assessment Assignment

The purpose of this paper is to present a family assessment. Community health nurses

work with individual families and with families as an aggregate within the population (Clark, 2003). Several areas will be presented such as biophysical, psychological, physical environmental, sociocultural, behavioral and health system considerations. The data obtained during family health assessment enable the nurse to make informed decisions about the health care needs of families (Clark).

On the maternal side, this family has one living eighty five year old male and one living seventy seven year old female. Two of the paternal members are deceased at the age of forty and eighty-eight. There is one living
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The family members express respect for each other. The parents and children in this family are viewed as individuals who work, attend school and have separate lives. There is no evidence of violence in this family. Physical punishment is not used as a form of discipline. A time-out period is usually given to allow a bad behavior to end and to contemplate the behavior (Clark, 2003). Removal of privileges such as not going outside with a friend, or not watching a certain television show is sometimes used to discipline. This type of discipline is appropriate for the school aged child who values his friends and his free time.

A positive self image is conveyed to all family members. Even minor accomplishments such as good report card grades are praised and sometimes awarded. The family is currently dealing with change as far as the grandfather’s illness. Selective inattention and intellectualization are two of the defense mechanisms being used for avoiding this problem (Clark, 2003). Slowly, the use of talking with family members and expressing both positive and negative emotions are being used as coping strategies. The entire extended family comes together in a crisis which helps every member of the family to deal with the situation.

The family has the goal of providing a long, comfortable, and safe life for their children. This includes providing health care to live a long life, a college education so the children can be independent and
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