Family Assessment Comparison

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Different assessment examines different features of an individual, or similar assessments examine similar features in different ways. Three assessments that regard family conditions and that are considered important are, the Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scales (FACES III), the Family Assessment Device (FAD), and the Self-report Family Inventory (SFI).
When completing the assessments and interpreting the results, I realized that there were various accurate elements I always saw in my family, and now they were proved over a simple questionnaire. However, some other elements, I found a little bit confusing, and I am still not so sure whether they are that accurate.
The Self-Report Family Inventory’s (SFI’s) purpose, is to
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The FACE III assessment is divided into two main parts, and each part subdivides into 20 questions related to Cohesion and Adaptability in the Family. All answers are asked to be numbered from 1 to 5 with 5 indicating ‘ALMOST ALWAYS’ while 1 indicated ‘ALMOST NEVER’. The first part of the assessment included questions that DESCRIBE the family environment and structure in terms of Cohesion and Adaptability, while the second part of the assessment contained the same questions but the respondent is asked to answer as to how the IDEAL family would be for him. The structure of the FACE III is similar to that of SFI. FAD on the other hand, contains 53 unit questions which fall into 7 categories Problem Solving, Communication, Roles, Affective Responsiveness, Affective Involvement, Behavior Control, and General Family Functioning. The answers ranged from Strongly Agree, which was represented with number 4, to Strongly Disagree which was represented with number 1.
Some of the questions on the assessments are similar or examine the same things like for example on the FACES ‘family members feel very close to each other’, is formulated in the SFI as ‘there is a closeness in my family but each person is allowed to be special and different’, while in the FAD it is delivered as ‘we cannot talk to each other for the sadness we feel’. Another example is the question ‘we accept each other’s friends’ – SFI, ‘we approve of each other’s friends’. FACES – ‘family members consult other

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