Family Assessment

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Family Health Assessment
Stephanie Beck
Grand Canyon University
Family Centered Health Promotion Home
Nurs 429V
August 9, 2015

Family Health Assessment
The Family Health Assessment is used as an all-inclusive tactic to guarantee the health and fitness of individuals and their families; it focuses on ensuring that families recognize their health needs. (Edelman, 2010, Chapter 6 &7) I have had the privilege of interviewing the Varcela family, who is a Hispanic family which consist of Mom, Dad, and 2 kids, who are twins a boy and a girl. Dad (42) who works in construction work, Mom (38) is a surgical scrub tech; the children are 9 years old, in the 3rd grade. The data that is collected came from open-ended questions that were
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Laxatives are not commonly used, but sometimes Pepto Bismol is used for an upset stomach or heartburn. Urine patterns are normal as well, yellow in color or straw colored, no burning or irritation to report.
The family loves to engage in activity’s for fun on a regular basics, they enjoyed reading books, watching movies, walking on natural trails especially in the fall months, in summer swimming is noted as exercise for the family. The dad has a gym membership and he attends the gym at least 3 times a week for weight training, he enjoys this every week. The children are involved in extra curriculum activities during the school months, they play soccer, baseball and have karate on Mondays and Wednesdays, and they really enjoy the sports. Mom tries to walk outside in the neighborhood as much as she can, but has been trying to increase this activity. Exercise can really help this family prevent heart disease and obesity, also to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Cognitive/Sensory Perception
The family reports not having any neurological problems, and no one in their family have had any history of this as well. The mom wears glasses and is near sighted, and the children have great vision, no problems to report as of now. The dad has great eye sight as well, no problems to report. Everyone can see, hear, touch, and smell quite well, no issues to report. The family have yearly eye check up, to make sure that everything is going well for the eye sight

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