Family Assessment Questions

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Family Assessment Interview Question 1. Values, health perception: How healthy is your family? Do you always try to follow doctor's recommendations when given? 2. Nutrition: Do you read labels for nutrition value? What kind of snacks do you eat? 3. Sleep/Rest: How much sleep do you get a night? Does anyone snore? 4. Elimination: Do you all have normal bowel movements? How often? 5. Activity/Exercise: How much exercise do you get in a typical week? What types of exercise do you do? 6. Cognitive: Do you ever get confused? How are decisions made? 7. Sensory-Perception: How is your eyesight? Is taste a problem? 8. Self-Perception: Do you feel hopeful about the future? What do you think of yourself? 9. Role Relationship: How is your marital relationship? How do you discipline? 10. Sexuality: How often do you have sex? Is there any sexual dysfunction? 11. Coping: What methods do you use to deal with stress? Have there been any prominent stressful events in your life lately? Family Assessment The family chosen for this assignment are family friends who agreed to conduct the interview and discuss any health issues they had. Because some of the questions were fairly invasive into their private lives, no names are given. There are five members in the family, and they all participated in the interview. Questions are based on the eleven functional health patterns. The first questions asked the family about their perceptions of their own health and about what
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