Family Assessment : The Family Essay

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Family Assessment

The family assessment is a thorough assessment done by a health care provider. This assessment is the foundation of how health care providers provide care for a certain member of the family or the family as a whole. This assessment involves exploration of the family structure, development, and function. In addition, the family will express their strengths and barriers, internal and external structure, ethnicity, social class, religion, subsystems, which will allow the reader a better understanding of the family’s functioning.
This family consists of five individuals. The care givers of the family are the mother and father who have been happily married for twenty years. MS and MS have three children together, AS, MS, and CS. The oldest child is a male, nineteen years old, attending college in Staples, MN. The middle child is a female, seventeen years old, a senior in high school. The youngest child is a female, eleven years old, attending middle school. The mother has a part-time job while the father has a full time job. They recently sold their home out in the country and moved closer to town. The interview occurred mainly via phone, because of their busy schedules with the parents being the historians of the family.
The family lives in a rural, Northern Minnesota town. At the entrances to their house is a picture demonstrating the family unit: the mother appeared organized, because she was trying to get everyone to look at the camera, the

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