Family Attachment Analysis

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Therapeutic Tool With the families that I encounter, It would be best to use two person psychology. One person psychology would not help me build a relationship with my client and it will do more harm than good for the client due to the nature of our relationship. I would become an additional outlet for the client if I were to utilize two person psychology in order to build the relationship with the family and the child. It is important to establish this relationship because the family will benefit from the agency’s services. My therapy for my client will derive from the modalities in which I use with the family in order to address their family needs or needs for their child. I will be that resource that a family could count on to establish their strengths, feel self-sufficient in their capabiltiels, take action and…show more content…
Being culturally aware and competent of the family’s background will allow me to determine if the framework of utilizing attachment theory or any other theories and frameworks. Their culture’s view of child and parent attachment may be completely different from the Western view of how child and parent attachment. If I do not see a benefit of using attachment theory with the family, then it will be my duty of service to provide another theory that may best fit the family’s needs. Keeping into consideration any family’s background who have clearly defined cultural and ethnic backgrounds is important. I have to become constantly aware of how the use of attachment theory and several treatment modalities will work with the family. It is by duty to make sure that all families feel empowered and create a safe outlet for any challenges that they may face. I will constantly bring my values and morals into the relationship so the relationship with the family will be a healthy working relationship.
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