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Family Nursing Diagnosis Kristine DeBarge NUR/405 August, 15, 2012 Liana Garrett, RN-C, FNP Family Nursing Diagnosis FRIEDMAN FAMILY ASSESSMENT MODEL (SHORT FORM) Before using the following guidelines in completing family assessments, two words of caution. First, not all areas included below will be germane for each of the families visited. The guidelines are comprehensive and allow depth when probing is necessary. The student should not feel that ever sub-area needs to be covered when the broad area of inquiry poses no problems to the family or concern to the health worker. Second, by virtue of the interdependence of the family system, one will find unavoidable redundancy. For the sake of efficiency, the assessor should try…show more content…
Like many other teens the children are very influenced by media reference groups r. Congruence Between the Family’s Values and the Family’s Reference Group or Wider Community: There is moderately high congruence between the MC family’s reference group (Native American Christian nuclear family) and the family’s actual daily lives. s. Congruence Between the Family’s Values and Family Member’s Values: t. Variables Influencing Family Values: Media, peer pressure, daily time constraints of a educational professional teaching a full load plus some. u. Values Consciously or Unconsciously Held: Conscious values are Christian tenets, unconscious values are the MC family believes in spirits inhabiting objects and assigning the life characteristics to inanimate objects like water. v. Presence of Value Conflicts in Family: There seems to be only one value conflict where the son doubts the family belief in Christianity as a life tenet. w. Effect of the Above Values and Value Conflicts on Health Status of Family: The above-mentioned conflict has put strain on the family unit causing the mother and daughter to be fearful and the son to feel resentful. FAMILY FUNCTIONS 22. Affective Function: x. Family’s

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