Family By Frank Bruni: The Meaning Of Family

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Brittany Badding
November 6th, 2015
English 101-06
Mr. Jones
The Meaning of Family
In the modern era, there are many definitions of family. These definitions can range from a traditional view, excluding all but a basic family unit of heterosexual married parents and their children, to a broader view, including a large breadth of people that can be part of a single family. The Catholic
Church to this day still holds a traditional view and is yet to “relax its censure” on those who divorce, remarry or even the children of same-sex parents. In light of the recent Synod of Bishops on Family,
Frank Bruni presents his views on what it takes to be a family. He doesn’t argue why different groups should be considered a family, but instead argues why
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Using language such as: ravaged, abandoned, prodded them toward judgment instead of compassion, saviors, and protectors; the audience is described the emotional struggle of homosexual

Americans during the 1980s and early 1990s when AIDS caused many sufferers to be abandoned by their religious families. The described cause and effect of friends stepping up and being the family these people needed continues the emotional language. This story is used as a comparison to his own family experience. Even though his family experience was of a traditional view, he was “more impressed by families who are bound by choice rather than blood.”Bruni's use of emotion is not a crutch he leans on to form his essay, but instead is used incorporated with other rhetoric devices to argue his point.
Not all of the support for his argument has emotional ties though. Simply having his column in the New York Times and being a regular columnist gives him credibility. The readers of the newspaper are likely to trust he is an intelligent individual, even if they don't agree with him. Bruni further supports his opinion by touching on logos with statistical data. Referencing a survey taken by the Pew
Research Center, he describes the opinions being held by the American Catholics. He mentions
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