Family Centered Care During The Postpartum Setting

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Family Centered Care in the Postpartum Setting Although an admission into a facility with the purpose of bringing new life into the world is a joyous time for a family; any visit to a hospital setting may still evoke stress and anxiety for both for the family and the patient. Utilizing family centred care, this stress and anxiety can be decreased by collaborating and ensuring that the patients’ needs are met and satisfied (Neal et al., 2007). Family centered care recognizes that a patient is not just a stagnant individual on the hospital bed, but an active member of the health care team. Patients are experts of their own lives, and family centered care emphasizes this concept. This scholarly paper will describe the clinical scenario; including an overview of the patients’ current and past health history. I will elucidate the meaning of family centred care, four key concepts and its specific application to my clinical scenario. Finally, this paper will include a reflection about my thoughts and feelings regarding the scenario. Through the process of writing this scholarly paper my goal was to further expand my knowledge about family centered care. During theory class, we were taught the fundamental basics about family centered care, however having the opportunity to apply and analyze this concept into a real clinical scenario further illustrates the content we learned. When a woman is admitted to deliver her baby in the hospital, the majority of focus is on that woman,
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