Family Centered Care Essay

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Nurses interact with families in a variety of community-based and clinical settings. The family nursing process is the same, regardless of the setting or whether the focus is on the family as a whole or on an individual in that family (Crisp & Taylor 2005). In the case of a 3 year old girl just diagnosed with leukaemia, it is important for a nurse to critically analyse the situation and address any immediate concerns. The nurse must address any professional issues that may arise and any potential impacts of hospitalisation that may affect the child and the family. Also provide support and education to reassure and comfort them. The primary concern for paediatric nurses is the welfare of the child and the family (Crisp & Taylor 2005).…show more content…
In this situation the father has the right to know about his daughter’s condition, so it is important for the nurse to discuss with the wife her reasons for not wanting him to know and try to encourage her to tell him, as his daughter will need his support. Families of a child diagnosed with leukaemia will find out that it will affect not only the child, but will change forever the lives of the parents, siblings, and relatives (Jennifer Lynn Stroud Foundation). According to the Jennifer Lynn Stroud Foundation, leukaemia treatments are one of the most expensive and prolonged treatments for children. Often chemotherapy treatments are not successful the first time so it may be necessary to plan for a second round of treatment and any other required treatments that may be necessary. Parents should have their health insurance policy reviewed by the hospitals financial department to make known any costs that are or are not covered and what out of pocket expenses they will need to plan for. The age related concerns for preschoolers are physical and bodily harm. At this age they are able to understand the seriousness of their illness as being sick. They will believe their being sick is the cause of a specific action and they need to be reassured that they did nothing to cause them to be sick. The need for honest and clear communication is import to reduce the child’s fears (Jennifer Lynn Stroud Foundation). Hockenberry and Wilson
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