Family Centered Health Promotion Essay examples

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Family Centered Health Promotion Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V 05/12/2013 Definition of Health Promotion is increasing awareness, indentifying alternatives and influencing attitudes of the people, so that they can make an informed decision and change their behaviors to achieve an optimal level of mental, physical and social health. Health promotion is also defined as the process of empowering people to improve and take control of their health to optimize the quality of their lives. Ennis et al (2006) has explained health promotion as emotional, cognitive and behavioral endeavor to promote well being and health of the people. Davis (1995) expresses a deeper perspective in which preventive health science, social environment,…show more content…
These topics may include way to avoid preventable diseases like proper nutrition and exercise to prevent heart disease and regular and consistent health checkup for early detection of life threatening diseases. Nurses not only responsible for hands on care but also serving as a resource person for the people. Many times people need constant reinforcement and encouragement in following a healthy lifestyle and being compliant with their diet or medications. This is where nurses play a crucial role as a role model and guidance counselor for the patient and community. There are various methods used in the implementation of health promotion that encompasses entire areas of nursing. Providing education, providing information and increasing the knowledge to the patient and the community. In this nursing process a complete assessment, planning, nursing diagnosis; creating plan of care, rendering care and outcome evaluation is done. This nursing process is used during the entire nursing practice in very particular stages and in the progression of the quality care. Efforts towards health promotion can be ineffective at times therefore interception level of preventive health promotion is
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