Family Centered Health Questions

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Family identification, Two adults one male (30) Father of one child male (3) one female (40) mother of both children male (3) and female (15). Mother works both in and outside the home many hours a week and father is a college student focusing on student pursuits many hours a week. The family adult work and study/class schedule is focused on meeting the immediate needs of the 3 year old child so parents split time and often find themselves spending little time together with one working or studying/attending class while the other is home either working or doing other things some personal pursuits other having to do with housework and upkeep but designed specifically to make sure that the 3 year old is supervised by one or the other parent 90% of the time. After considering the family dynamic and collective list of concerns associated with the family via family interview two areas of special interest to wellness were identified, sleep/rest disturbances and activity/exercise issues. Based on these two areas of special concern the nurse developed two questions associated with Gordon's 11 functional health patterns c) Sleep/Rest and e) Activity/Exercise. Self-report in this area indicates that several members of the family if not all members of the family have overriding issues with sleep/rest cycles. The nature of having both a 3 year old, with the normal disturbed sleep patterns of an infant/toddler, seeking to sleep with parents and often waking during the night in
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