Family Centred Care

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Nursing has evolved in many ways over the years, in particular is the Florence Nightingale foundation of caring for the whole family and not just the patient. The following case study of Omid 's story: The Power of Family-Centered Care highlights the positive and negative aspects of their family’s healthcare experiences , and models of family nursing and concepts of family-centred care. By comparing the theories and models to what is currently put into practice by today’s nurses and healthcare providers a better outcome for this family is idealized. Nursing Care has Resounding Effects on a Family In this case study, a mother recounts her experiences seeking care for her special needs son with healthcare providers as both positive…show more content…
In this view, the healthcare provider may include the family in terms of socioeconomic and functional support, but really focus on the patient as an individual (p.36-37, 2003). Family as Sum of its Members sees each member of the family in the foreground and care is provided to all family members. (p.37, 2003). Family Subsystem looks at the significant relationships in the family; parent-child, marital interactions, caregiving issues, bonding-attachment concerns (p.37, 2003), where Family as Client looks further into family’s internal dynamics, relationships, structure and functions and its relationship with the outer environment (p.37, 2003). Another concept views the Family as a Component of Society, this structural-functional theory addresses the family on a broader scale in terms of their contributions, needs and successes like other social systems (eg., educational and healthcare system (p.90, 2003). -A succinct philosophy of family nursing is seen in The Association for the Care of Children’s Health standards stating the expectation for healthcare providers to facilitate family/professional collaboration at all levels of care, and to recognizing family as the constant in the patient’s life whereas the healthcare providers will fluctuate (p.40, 2003). Helpful in times of stress, such as acute or long-term illness, nursing can engage the family in focusing on their
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