Family Conflicts : Family Conflict

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Family Conflict

Family conflict is common it’s a difficult issue to deal with because it’s with your love ones. You have members who take advantage, lie, steal, disrespect, cross boundaries, and try to cheat you out of what’s yours. Sometimes when dealing with family you have to become assertive and let them know what boundaries they can and cannot cross. Sometimes it’s hard to be assertive to those you love because you don’t want to hurt their feelings or seem unfair. We all should try informing them on what you can and cannot tolerate from them to avoid conflict from lack of understanding and miscommunication.
When conflict has develop most of the time its built up frustration from needs going unmet, if so try to think on the first incident that’s got you upset and try to see how you can go about telling your family what’s bothering you instead of being silent (indirect is what they call it). Most conflict issues are family over staying their stay, disrespecting your home, not staying in touch or bugging you too often about a bunch of nothing, using you for money and not paying it back, constantly in trouble, always in personal business, being too opinionated on how you should look, live, act, and talk.
Most of the time when something bothers you becomes passive in the family conflict that how it starts you let them slide then they get too comfortable in you britches trying to run your life and comment on your faults then that were an issue…
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