Family Counseling And The Family

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The main idea of family counseling is that it focuses on the family and the interactions and connections of the members in the family (Henderson & Thompson, 2011). The family is viewed as a system in which each member influences other members of the family (Henderson & Thompson, 2011). Further, family counseling systems looks at family patterns as circular instead of linear (Henderson & Thompson, 2011). Another important aspect of family counseling is the different family life cycles and possible tasks that may be occurring during those stages (Henderson & Thompson, 2011).

A systems approach looks at the different systems and emotional processes at work within the family context (Henderson & Thompson, 2011). According to the family systems therapy, healthy families are able to have emotional detachment and separate identities; unhealthy families have no distinction between self and spouse and fixed systems cause impairment (Henderson & Thompson, 2011). According to Bowen, an early theorist on family relationships, these following nine qualities are important for counselors to be focused on: relationship between the spouses, distinction of self, triangles, nuclear family emotional process, family projection process, multigenerational transmission process, sibling position, emotional cutoffs, and emotional process in society (Henderson & Thompson, 2011). For example, the use of genograms would help a couple to understand the patterns that are passed down through…
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