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Often times when we hear the word culture, we think of the differences of different countries. That statement may be true; however, there are different cultures within the same country, even within the same city. No matter what culture we call our own, there are distinct differences between that of other cultures around us. One of the major differences occurs in the realm of family; family affection to be more specific. When talking about family affection, we should consider many different aspects. It was my task and privilege to explore these aspects. I consider myself having a strong American culture. My family has been here for many years and has adopted the "American Way". After being born and raised in Wisconsin, I now spend my…show more content…
Much the same as me, Teresa also does not change anything from private to public. However, we differ in what we do in public. As before, Teresa's culture does not really show affection in private, so if nothing changes from in private to in public, then they would not show any affection towards one another in public. In this instance, our cultures are similar in the fact that nothing changes from in the home to in public, however, they differ in the fact that my culture would show affection for one another in public, where as Teresa's culture would not. Another aspect of family affection that comes up is face value, or whether or not you would twist the truth in order to preserve harmony or someone's face. To my culture, telling the truth is more important than preserving the harmony. However, we tell the truth in such a way so that nobody's feelings are hurt. Basically, we will tell the person the thing that would hurt their feelings or make them mad, but we say it in a way that would not hurt as much or not make them mad at all; more or less just disappointed. We found this way to be helpful, in fact so much that now it does not matter who we have to say it to, we will say it like this no matter what. In Teresa's culture, depending on what the lie would have to be determines on whether or not they would lie. She might "leave some parts of the story out and spare them the ‘heartache'. In some instances, I might start out small, then see how they react, and

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