Family Diversity Research Paper

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Growing up I not only had an older brother, but also a twin brother. I never really grew up a girly girly, considering we were always wrestling or actually fighting. However, being the only girl child there was a huge diversity in the standards my parents set for us. I felt like I was held to higher standards than my brothers in school, I had more roles , and always playing on a sports team with them they never thought I could do just as much as them if not more. Bringing home a report card or midterm my parents were always satisfied with my brothers having a C , but when I brought home a C they always gave me a long lecture on how I can do better and that my grades need to be brought up. I wondered why this was because my brothers weren’t stupid so why would they not care if they got a C.…show more content…
The diversity I experienced was being on the same soccer team with them. It was never really our parents who did not think I couldn’t be good enough, but the coaches and our teammates. Each practice I would just have to watch the drills because I was the only girl and they “didn’t want me to get hurt”. My mom noticed this and took my side, but the coach always made a valid point as to why I was not starting or even getting the chance to play. It wasn’t until I proved myself to being just as good as them, that I was accepted by the team. Growing up with brothers was a challenge for me, because I was constantly proving to myself and others that I was just as good as them, and sometimes better. It helped me become who I am today and become a very competitive person on trying to do my best, and gain my spot whether it is on a sports team or in a
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