Family Dynamics And The Parent 's Home For Financial Assistance Essay

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In today’s changing world, the family dynamics are changing not only children taking care of their parents, but more husbands are taking an active role in raising the children while the wife works. Gregg retired from the Air Force in 2005 becoming a stay-at-home father until starting the endeavor on a bachelor degree. The complexity of life and compositions of families is transforming the working environment. For example, grandparents are foregoing retirement to continue working to provide for their children or becoming parents to their grandchildren. The current tendency involves adult children relocating to their parent’s home for financial assistance. Throughout this paper, it will reveal how a daughter’s life changes to accommodate a mothers’ (Bessie) medical requirement. Currently, family roles are changing due to several different reasons. Parents are generally living longer and additional medical issues are forthcoming with aging parents. Therefore, parents are either moving in with their children or provide financial assistance for medical care in a nursing home. According to Lankford (2011), “Seniors are struggling to cope with rising medical and long-term care expenses just as their investment portfolios and home values are shrinking, and their middle-age children sometimes need to pitch in.” Moreover, college graduates, recently divorced, or unemployed adult children are relocating to their family home for financial reasons. This generates added
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