Family Dynamics In The United States

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There are many different family dynamics in today’s society. But what really makes a family? Every definition found has defined family, in simple terms, as “A father and a mother raising their children together.” However, not every family is like that. Most families are not like that at all. Different aspects come into play in families such as divorce, death, and abandonment that can redefine the family structure, either for the better or for the worse. A family does not have to consist of the traditional sense of the nuclear family, but rather a family can consist of friends, step-siblings, step-parents, half siblings, or family members outside the immediate circle of parents and brothers and sisters. Anyone who can come together is a family;…show more content…
With a favorable economy more children are being born hence family life revolves around having more children and having more fun. Consider the post- World War II baby boom as an example of this. Economy also determines how healthy children will be. A prosperous economy will result in healthier children than in a poor economy because of a lack of health care, clean water, food. Also, healthy people tend to make more money than sick people. But what about the economy of single mothers? Most western countries find that single mothers are more likely to be poorer than a two parent household, especially if there are already two to three children. This correlates back to the health of the children. A study was done examining eight different countries and their social-economic status and single-mother homes, “They find that although the relative economic status of single-mother families in the United States is significantly below that in the European countries, it is not significantly lower than that in either Canada or Australia” (Wong, Garfinkel, & McLanahan). Poorer countries also tend to have a rough economy and insufficient health care which results in high mortality rates in children and
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