Family Dynamics Of Hispanic Families

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Family Expectations Familismo. Latino parents expect their children to prioritize family needs over individual needs. Understanding the values within the Latino family is crucial to analyzing family influences on education. Furthermore, understanding Latino cultural values and analyzing how these values either are or aren’t replicated in the high school setting is crucial to understanding the success of the first‐generation Latinain and out of high school. Cultural values which define the family dynamics of Latinos are: familismo (the value of family), comunidad (the value of community), and personalismo (the value of relationship), which are understood as presenting a sense of validation, mentorship, and cultural mirroring when transferred to the university setting (Castellanos & Gloria, 2007). Comunidad or community is defined as a sense of responsibility for one’s community and is closely related to familismo, which is a sense of caring for and being responsible to one’s family and prioritizing family needs over personal ones (Castellanos & Gloria, 2007; Sy & Romero, 2008). Marianismo. In a culture strongly influenced by gender construction, marianismo is a value that emphasizes the self‐sacrifice females must make while also stressing the importance of the family caretaker role Latinas are expected to fulfill in the family (Sy, 2006; Stevens, 1973). The female experience in the Latino family is of particular importance as Latina women have historically been raised to…

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