Family Dynamics Of Military Brats

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The Family Dynamics of a Military Brat Many are accustomed the term Military Brat as a derogatory label towards a child of an active or retired military service member. As Military Brats they understand that there is no time to forge bonds with people. Brats are forced to combine a lifetime of memories into just a few years, before they pack up everything to be transported to a different state or to a different country. Fully expected to learn a new language if needed, adjust to a culture faster than most would want; all of which at an unrealistic speed in the eyes of the regular world. Most attending 5 or more schools in less than 12 years, constantly the new kid in class. Forced time and time again to start over, all the while never once complaining; as it was a way of life for them. The constant reminder to join the Armed Forces, with no time to make friends, they only had acquaintances with no time to form worthwhile bonds. But truthfully, the bonds formed by military brats alike, are unstoppable. In the short time that they had together, they were forged from blood, sweat, and tears, and built to withstand the passages of time. The family dynamics that military brats are accustomed to are for more different than so called normal families, what families go through cannot be comprehended by the outside world. Depending on which branch the child’s parent is in, their experience with how the child would interact with there parent/parents. Even though most military parents
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