Family Dynamics Paper

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Family Roles and Dynamics Family roles and dynamics play a critical role in behavior problems, such as addiction. Family communication and functioning is important to understand when working with an addict and their family. By looking at a family’s dynamics and interactions, counselors can begin to understand why the client is behaving in such ways (Van Wormer & Davis, 2013). The counselors can identify a client’s problem area by examining the family interactions with each other (Van Wormer & Davis, 2013). Each family will consist of different communication styles, functioning, and conflict resolution (Epstein, Hill, Bailey, & Hawkins, 2013). When counselors examine the family as a whole, they are able to understand problems arise as they do.…show more content…
The counselor will observe each family member, and decide which role they actively play in (Van Wormer & Davis, 2013). For example, are there members in the family who can be classified as enablers? Does the enabler family member contribute to the client’s addiction without realizing it? The counselor can help clients and family members identify the roles they play and how it affects each other (Van Wormer & Davis, 2013). Role-playing can be a helpful technique to not only the client, but also the family as a whole (Van Wormer & Davis, 2013).
Unique Characteristics
When family members are a part of an individual’s treatment process, it can be an essential factor. One of the unique characteristics of having families partake in addiction treatment is the resiliency (Van Wormer & Davis, 2013). Every family member can benefit from treatment. Family members can work on communication skills, underlying emotions, and acceptance (Van Wormer & Davis, 2013). The family as a whole can build resiliency and overcome the disease of addiction.
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