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Havn Fun Family Entertainment Center (HFFEC) is in the industry of Family Entertainment Centers also known as FECs. Family entertainment is a very profitable business because families are always looking for affordable & local facilities to enjoy their time together. We want to help restore the broken bond between families caused by many outside forces, the busyness of life, and common distractions that drive them apart. We plan to make fun cool again. Starting out in Beaumont, Texas we have the advantage of entering into a place where strong family values are important. As a child growing up in this city I remember there were many places to go to have fun. Places like Putt-Putt Golf, a skating rink that was off Highway 105 where after the skating stopped at midnight it would turn into a dance floor where people could dance, mingle, have good clean fun until they closing time. There were also a small amusement park with children’s amusement park, rides and games. There was also a Go-Kart riding place for families to just ride around the track laughing and smiling. After moving away from Beaumont, I moved into bigger cities where I saw family fun on a greater level. Visiting six Flags in Atlanta introduced me to plenty of fun, excitement, and amusement on a grand scale.
We want to bring that same kind of family oriented fun, love, and excitement to the city of Beaumont. We will have some of the latest technology in the Family Entertainment Industry including video gaming

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