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We all have grandparents, but mine are an especially are a big part of my family. Our grandparents do not live close to us, so it’s great when we get to see them. It's especially tough since our family is so far apart. Family is the most important thing to our family. This time was an especially important to our family for a number of reasons. We had just left our home in Rockwell City, Iowa to head to Des Moines to board a plane to Phoenix. My brother had never flown before. He said, “I can’t wait to take off.” We went through all of the security and had put all our luggage onto the plane. We boarded and sat down. It wasn’t too long of a flight; it lasted a bit over two hours. When we arrived no one on the plane needed their thick winter jackets for the remainder of their trip because it was above 80 degrees the whole time. When we began to deboard, I could feel the heat as soon as we got off the plane. We left the airport and got the car we would be renting. It was about a half an hour drive to my grandparents’ house since it was practically rush hour. We arrived at their house and began to bring in our luggage. We had made the trip safe and sound.

We greeted our family with joy since we hadn’t seen our grandparents in over a year because they live out in Arizona and not in Chicago anymore. We used to see them every couple months, but when they moved out there to get away from the bitter Midwest winters, we only got to see them a couple times a year at best. My dad, grandpa, and myself all love sports, whether it was playing back in the day or watching them in present time. My grandpa knows this better than even me or my dad, and he invited us to go to the Suns vs Pistons game. We were even going to get box seats at the game. He got box seats since he had been a CPA in Arizona for a couple years and one of his clients had offered him these tickets. One of the biggest perks of getting box seats was you were served free food during the entire game. That was his favorite part of wanting to get the box seats in the first place.

When we left for the game, my dad and his dad were debating sports which was a normal occurrence whenever we were all together. We arrived at the stadium a couple hours

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